Frequently Asked Questions

The qualities of a good refrigerator are energy efficiency, temperature, storage capacity, freezer, style, size, and Compatibility.

Undoubtedly, the best vacuums are canister vacuums. They are quite effective at cleaning all types of floors including delicate or high-pile carpets without being too cumbersome to operate.

Vacuum cleaners exist in a wide variety of designs, and the power consumption per amp varies. The average vacuum uses roughly 100 kWh per month, though.

Front-load washing machines are clearly the most effective. This is due to the fact that front-load washers use about 50% less water and close to 40% less power than the best top loaders.

In Nepal, a refrigerator may be purchased for as little as Rs. 14,950. The most expensive refrigerator is available at Fatafat sewa for Rs. 2,59,990.