How to Buy Laptop on EMI (Kistabandi) Service in Nepal

How to Buy Laptop on EMI (Kistabandi) Service in Nepal

  • 23 Aug 2021
  • Posted By : Jiban Shrestha
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How To Buy Laptop On (EMI) Easy Monthly Installments in Nepal?

Good news! Now everyone can buy Laptops on Easy EMI Service in Nepal. We have varieties of Laptops and Yes you can buy them in Cash or through EMI Service. Fatafat Buy and Pay in Installments. You need credit cards for purchasing Laptops on EMI Service. Also, buy laptops on EMI for students in Nepal at Fatafat sewa. Our Partner banks are:

  1. Global IME Bank Limited
  2. Sunrise Bank Limited
  3. Siddhartha Bank Limited
  4. NMB Bank Limited
  5. Century Bank Limited
  6. Mega Bank Limited
  7. NIC Asia Bank Limited
  8. Nabil Bank Limited
  9. Macchapuchere Bank Limited
  10. Kumari Bank Limited
  11. Citizen Bank Limited
  12. Sanima Bank Limited

Purchase any kind of laptop in Nepal from Fatafat Sewa:

Moreover, laptops have certain purposes. Similar to how students use laptops in a variety of ways, the accounts department and IT department in a corporation have varied laptop requirements. All of the many laptop models are available here at Fatafat Sewa at competitive prices and with EMI. You can buy Dell laptops in Nepal, HP laptops in Nepal, Acer laptops in Nepal, Asus Laptops in Nepal, Lenovo Laptops in Nepal, Microsoft laptops in Nepal, and Macbooks in Nepal on EMI Service.

Here is the process for buying Easy Monthly Installments for laptops. First search Laptop on our website. Choose your desired Laptops or configured them with our team, after that click on Apply EMI. You can complete your process in 3 Steps. 

1. Fill up the firms with your genuine details.

2. Choose Payment modes ( 6 | 12|18 months) or you can make down payments without tick marks.

3. Submit the form and wait for our team to call back.

Your Process is easily completed.


1. What is Fatafat Sewa 0% EMI Service ?

  1. Fatafat EMI is a service that allows you to purchase items through a deferred payment plan using your credit card. please note that your bill amount is blocked in the credit card limit. Your credit limit will be released with monthly EMI payments. Every month your limit will be released after payments.

2. Are there any processing fees or the down payment on Fatafat EMI Service?

  1. It’s not compulsory to a down payment but we are flexible on this program you can down payments as your choice or any other hidden cost attached to it. Credit Card issuance fees & service charges may apply as per bank rules.

3. What happens if I fail to make payment of the monthly installment? Is there any charge?

  1. If you failed to make payment of the monthly (EMI) installment, the bank will charge a late fee as per bank rules and policy.

4. Can I take multiple Product EMI on the same credit card?

  1. Bank will not be liable to accept multiple EMI requests if there is an existing EMI plan on your card. You will have to clear your existing EMI plan to get New EMI with Fatafat Sewa.