0% EMI Service in Nepal

0% EMI Service in Nepal

  • 27 Feb 2024
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Fast service is something that everyone wants and dreams of having in today's environment. When we hear the word "Fatafat" we instinctively comprehend what it means.

EMI Shop Near Me

An e-commerce platform called Fatafat Sewa offers Mobile, Laptop, Drone, Camera, Gadgets, Home Appliances & machinery accessories, and Mobile in EMI in Nepal. Also, offers services like insurance for laptops(laptops in EMI in Nepal). Our major e-commerce mission statement is to combine service with business. We strive to earn the client's complete trust. By offering genuine items and the best after-sales services, we foster a relationship of trust with our customers.

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. EMI has become one of the most important necessities among people. The main benefit of EMI for borrowers is that they may more easily and simply create a personal budget because they are aware of the exact amount they must pay toward their loan each month. Your own personal budgeting is unaffected by it.

Is EMI always a good option?

It is a question that many people could ask. So let's answer this question. We all live in a world where we can't all buy everything in today's society. Every consumable good available in the world can be obtained via EMI in the world in which we all live. You can actually obtain everything you want thanks to the widespread penetration of banks and other financial and economic institutions. Learn about how to apply for EMI in Nepal at Fatafat sewa.

Digital appliances purchased with an EMI. Using an EMI gives you the ability to acquire things that you couldn't otherwise afford. It gives consumers the ability to purchase pricey goods in more economical ways.

You may now have a better understanding of the benefits that come with an EMI. You will be forced to live with these benefits by Fatafat Sewa. In Nepal, it has introduced a 0% EMI service. Except for Fatafat, no other online retailers have offered consumers this kind of chance as of late.

How to apply for 0% EMI services in Fatafat Sewa?

No documentation is required if you have a credit card. If you don't have one, Fatafat Sewa offers two different forms of EMI services. Personal EMI Service is the second option after Corporate EMI Service.

The Corporate EMI Service requires your

  1. Company registration documents
  2. Bank statements
  3. A memorandum of association (MoA), is a document that shows the characteristic of the company.
  4. Article of Association (AoA), the document that outlines the board of directors' duties and the company's charter.
  5. Tax Clearance document (Last year)
  6. Two copies of your photos
  7. Two copies of your Citizenship

Corporate EMI is done for office purchases not for personal purchases. It includes all the official legal purchases.

Regarding Personal Service, the following paperwork is required.

  1. Your two passport-size photos
  2. Copies of your citizenship
  3. Income statements (your salary proof)
  4. Bank Statements of Salary accounts (3-6 months minimum statements)

Your individual purchases are included in the Personal EMI service.

Additionally, buy on Fatafat Sewa and pay over time. 0% interest and 0% down payments for an EMI facility with a term of 6-9-12-18 months. Partners in banking are crucial.

EMI Banking Partners for Fatafat Sewa

  1. Himalayan Bank Limited
  2. Kumari Bank Limited
  3. Nabil Bank Limited
  4. Standard Chartered Bank Limited
  5. Laxmi Sunrise Bank Limited
  6. NIC Asia Bank Limited
  7. Global IME Bank Limited
  8. Prabhu Bank Limited
  9. Machhapuchhre Bank Limited
  10. NIMB Bank Limited
  11. NMB Bank Limited
  12. Citizen International Bank Limited
  13. Prime Commercial Bank Limited

Finally, you may shop for anything and everything at Fatafat Sewa. Here, the best decision is always yours. Visit www.fatafatsewa.com to join.