Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. An angle grinder can cut wood because it has the strength and capability to do so.

In Nepal, some well-known manufacturers of grinders and cutters include Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, and Stanley.

When shopping for grinders and cutters, there are several factors to consider like Purpose, Power source, Size and weight, Brand and model, Price, and Warranty.

There are many types of grinders and cutters available, and the most common type will depend on the specific application. Here are a few examples of common types of grinders and cutters: Angle grinder, Circular saw, Jigsaw, and Miter saw.

The size of a grinder or cutter that is most preferred will depend on the specific tasks and applications for which it will be used. Here are a few factors to consider when determining the size of a grinder or cutter that is most preferred: Purpose, User preference, and Space and transportation.

The prices of grinders and cutters in Nepal can vary depending on the brand, model, wattage, and features of the tool. The price ranges from Rs. 2520 to Rs. 103368 at Fatafat sewa.