Frequently Asked Questions

The size of the concrete mixer is determined by the needed batch size. Concrete mixers of size 6 to 9 cubic feet are often used for batches weighing between 300 and 600 pounds.

The factors that should be considered while buying a concrete mixture are Drum Volume, Concrete Mixer Power, Drum Rotation Frequency, The Blades, and Noise Level.

Different concrete mixtures provide various features that may be valuable to various users. Some of the best ones are Generic Import Electric Cement Mixer, Klutch Electric Cement Mixer, Kushlan Cement Mixer, Catrimown Cement Concrete Mixer, Oarlike Electric Concrete Mixer, etc.

Aquarius, Everest, Primax, Gladiator, Ganesh Brand, and Jaypee are some of the brands available in Nepal.