Mobile Insurance  in Nepal | Breakage Insurance in Nepal

Mobile Insurance in Nepal | Breakage Insurance in Nepal

  • 08 Jun 2023
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Mobile Phone has played a great role in the day-to-day activities of our life. With the help of mobile, we can feel that our distance from our close ones is getting small daily. Mobile has made a gateway for information of anything in the world with the internet in it. With access to the internet in one click you can address anything curious on your mobile phone. The need for mobile phones in our life is getting high with time going on. When you broke your mobile phone display there is a mobile insurance service in Nepal too.

Mobile Insurance benefits

Mobile insurance is known as breakage insurance. This insurance company claims the breakage of your mobile with the accidental breakage of your mobile display within 1 Year. The benefit of mobile insurance is you don't need to pay for the insurance company itself. Insurance only claims a mobile that has accidentally broken its mobile display. Mobile insurance only claims mobiles like Samsung with a high-end price, OnePlus with all models,s and Apple with all products. Mobile insurance in Nepal provides coverage of 80/20 as insurance claims 80% which helps customers as you only need to pay 20%. This helps customers to reduce maintenance costs.

Major Advantages of Mobile Insurance

Numerous advantages of having mobile insurance include financial security and peace of mind for mobile phone owners.

Financial Security

By covering the expenses of repairs or replacements for accidental damage, theft, or loss. Mobile insurance provides financial protection. Users can save big out-of-pocket costs which helps users to get financial security.

Peace of mind

Users may rest easy knowing that numerous problems are covered for their priceless gadgets that can be utilized by mobile insurance. They are able to use their phones without always worrying about theft or damage.

Different Forms of mobile insurance in Nepal

Mobile users have access to many choices for mobile insurance coverage. Users may select the best coverage for their needs by being aware of these alternatives.

Coverage for Unintentional Damage

One of the most popular mobile insurance coverages is accidental damage coverage. It safeguards the insured item from accidental falls, drops, and other physical harm. The mobile insurance provider will pay the repair or replacement expenses if your phone sustains any accidental damage, including a broken screen.

Security Against Theft and Losses

Protection against theft and loss is yet another essential component of mobile insurance. In the event that your mobile phone is stolen or misplaced, this coverage offers cash compensation. The rise of mobile thief incidents is rapidly increasing these days.

Added Protection

There are several companies that offer mobile insurance and extended warranty protection. Although most mobile phones come with a manufacturer's warranty. This coverage increases the warranty period's protection against mechanical and electrical breakdowns. For pricey mobile phones with different internal components, extended warranty protection is especially advantageous.

How to claim Mobile Insurance in Nepal?

Mobile Insurance in Nepal only claims those mobiles which have accidentally damaged the display. Not all mobile have insurance but high-budget mobiles such as OnePlus, Samsung (high-end), Nothing Phone, and Apple are claimed by mobile insurance.

For OnePlus

Kratos Technology and smart talk are the importers of OnePlus mobile in Nepal. Users need to send emails to those import companies with VAT bills and filled warranty cards with their legal names. OnePlus only claims accidental breakage of the display of your mobile. Insurance can be claimed within 1 year of purchases only.

For Samsung and Apple

Samsung and Apple user needs to visit the service center to repair the damage. The accidentally damaged display is only claimed by the mobile insurance. Samsung service center is located in Tamrakar Complex third floor. And for Apple user needs to visit GENXT authorized service center. Insurance can be claimed within 1 year of purchases only.

 Mobile Insurance in Fatafat Sewa

FataFat Sewa is a growing e-commerce platform in Nepal. It provides a range of services, including smartphone and accessory sales, liquor delivery, and more. One of its notable features is the availability of mobile insurance. You can buy mobiles, laptops, home appliances, and accessories from Fatafatsewa in the installment of 6/12/18 months. When you purchase a smartphone from FataFat Sewa, you automatically receive free insurance coverage.

Comparison between Fatafat Sewa Mobile Insurance and mobile insurance

Fatafat Sewa Insurance claims insurance for 1 year for an accidentally damaged display, lost, theft, and burglary of the mobile. Additionally, if you make payments through popular gateways like eSewa, Cell Pay, or FonePay, you can enjoy a 5% cashback offer. The mobile insurance provided by FataFat Sewa offers protection against various scenarios. It covers losses and thefts, as well as damages and breakages. Damage includes incidents such as fire, water damage, and accidental damage to your smartphone. In case of an unfortunate event, the insurance policy will cover 60% of the recovery cost.

Fatafat Sewa also claims to provide insurance for users. The user gets insurance for a 1-year accident with 10000 as a medical claim and for accidental death, the user gets to claim 1 Lakh insurance. The User insurance in Fatafat Sewa is coming soon as this was paused due to some internal.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is mobile insurance in Nepal necessary?

A: Yes, mobile insurance is necessary to protect your valuable device from accidental events and financial loss.

Q: Can I cancel my mobile insurance in Nepal policy?

A: Yes, you can cancel your mobile insurance policy. However, it is advisable to check the cancellation terms and any applicable fees before making a decision.

Q: What exactly is mobile insurance?

A: Mobile insurance is known as breakage insurance. This insurance company claims the breakage of your mobile with the accidental breakage of your mobile display within 1 Year.

Q: When will Fatafat Sewa start mobile insurance?

A: Fatafat Sewa has already started in its beginning phase but due to some circumstances, it needed to stop. And Fatafat Sewa is again starting very soon.