Buy Apple Watch in EMI in Nepal

Buy Apple Watch in EMI in Nepal

  • 07 Jun 2023
  • Posted By : Anusha Khanal
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There are several options available to choose from if we want to buy apple watch in EMI in Nepal. Apple is not only fruit name it's a brand that is very popular worldwide. Apple has released various model increasing its features time by time. Apple launched its first Apple Watch on April 24, 2015.

Nowadays, smartwatches are gaining immense popularity due to the evolving advanced features and convenience. However, not everyone can afford to purchase this smart watch. To make these products accessible to a larger audience in Nepal, Fatafat Sewa introduces the option of buying apple watch on Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). This article focuses specifically on the EMI options allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of these remarkable devices with ease.

Apple Watch in EMI

apple watch

If you are planning to buy apple watch in EMI then Fatafat Sewa offers you flexible options which makes these accessories affordable for individuals with different financial capabilities. The EMI plans available include:

0% Down Payment:

With Fatafat Sewa, you can purchase Apple Watch of your choice on EMI without any down payment. This clearly means individual can bring home desired Apple Watch without the need for upfront payment. This option is particularly beneficial for those people who prefer are willing to manage their expenses over time rather than in a lump sum.

6 Months EMI:

Under the 6-month EMI plan, you can distribute the cost of the Apple Watch over six monthly installments. This option helps you to enjoy the latest features of the Apple Watch while paying off the purchase price in more manageable and smaller amounts. This plan is perfect for individuals who prefers a shorter repayment period.

12 Months EMI:

If you prefer a longer repayment period, Fatafat Sewa is also offering a 12-month EMI option. With this absolute plan, you can divide the total cost of the Apple Watch into twelve monthly installments which results in more budget-friendly. This extended duration of EMI helps buyers distribute the financial burden, allowing to enjoy your new Apple Watch without straining your finances.

18 Months EMI:

For individuals who require an more than 12 month extended repayment period, Fatafat Sewa provides an 18-month EMI plan. By selecting this plan, one can conveniently pay off the total cost of the Apple Watch over a year and a half. This option is suitable for those people who prefer lower monthly installments and a longer-term commitment.

Required Documents:

Fatafat Sewa requires the following documentation in order to buy apple watch in EMI :

Credit Card:

You will require a working credit card in order to be eligible for the EMI option. The credit card enables Fatafat Sewa to guarantee the payment for the monthly installments over the selected EMI duration.

Salary Certificate:

Alternatively, if you do not have a credit card, you can provide a salary certificate as proof of your financial capability. The salary certificate is proof that you make a consistent enough income to cover the EMI payments.

Passport-size Photo of the Buyer:

Fatafat Sewa requires a passport-size photograph of the buyer for identification purposes and maintaining records.

ID Photocopy:

A photocopy of a valid identification document like passport or driver's license is necessary to establish the buyer's identity.


Fatafat Sewa offers convenient EMI options for purchasing Apple Watches enabling these desirable gadgets accessible to a wider range of customers. The flexible 6, 12, and 18-month EMI plans and the 0% down payment allow people to select the payback period that best suits their financial circumstances. Whether you prefer a shorter or longer repayment period, Fatafat Sewa ensures that you can enjoy the advanced features of an Apple Watch without facing the burden of a heavy upfront payment. So if you are planning to buy apple watch in EMI in Nepal think of Fatafat Sewa. Don't forget to provide the necessary documents, such as a credit card or salary certificate if you are buying anything in EMI.

Which bank to apply for EMI Service for Fatafat Sewa?

Almost all banks offer an EMI service. However, if you are planning to buy apple watch in EMI in Nepal of any model, you must submit an EMI application through the partner bank. You must apply for an EMI in that bank and have an account there as well as a credit card for this.


Century Bank Limited

Global IME Bank Limited

Kumari Bank Limited

Macchapuchere Bank Limited

Mega Bank Limited

Nabil Bank Limited

NIC Asia Bank Limited

NMB Bank Limited

Siddhartha Bank Limited

Sunrise Bank Limited


Can we buy iPhone in plan in Nepal?

People can buy Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs in installments.

Can I buy iPhone on EMI with debit?

If you do not have a Credit Card, or if you are facing financial problems, you can choose purchasing your phone on EMI's through Debit Cards.

What happens if I don't pay EMI on my phone?

If you don't pay your EMIs, the lender will increase the interest rate and/ or levy additional fees and charges on your loan.

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