Best Mobile For YouTubers/ Vlogger around NPR 100000 In Nepal

Best Mobile For YouTubers/ Vlogger around NPR 100000 In Nepal

  • 18 Aug 2023
  • Posted By : Sanjil Rimal
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Further mobile phone with advanced camera features can be an excellent tool for YouTubers and vloggers to capture stunning visuals, record smooth videos, and edit on the go. This guide aims to simplify the process of choosing the best mobile for YouTubers within a budget of 100,000 Nepalese Rupees, helping creators make informed decisions for their content creation journey.

Find the ideal low-cost smartphone for Nepalese YouTubers and vloggers, replete with cutting-edge camera features and crucial performance elements. Utilise our thorough advice to streamline your decision-making. For content creators, the right tools are essential to produce high-quality videos.

What We Need in Vlogging Mobile?

When choosing a mobile for content creation, YouTubers and vloggers must consider key features that enhance their video quality and streamline their workflow:

  1. Camera Quality: High-resolution, low-light performance and stabilization capabilities are essential for producing quality content.
  2. Battery Life: Content creation is time-consuming; long battery life or fast charging capabilities prevent interruptions.
  3. Processing Power and RAM:In addition Robust processing power and sufficient RAM ensure smooth video editing and multitasking.
  4. Storage Capacity: Adequate storage, preferably 128GB or expandable, is vital for handling video files.
  5. Additional Features: Features like a headphone jack, external microphone support, and OLED display enhance the content creation experience.

"Successful content creators prioritize camera quality, processing power, and battery life when choosing a mobile for content creation."

Top 5 Mobiles for YouTubers around 100,000 in Nepal:

If you're a creator based in Nepal and you're looking for budget-friendly phones with advanced camera features. Here are the following options you can find:

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 10 Pro Specifications:

  1. Camera: Excellent
  2. Battery life: 5000 mAh with 80W fast charging
  3. Performance: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  4. Price: Rs 110,990
  5. Availability: Easily Available in Nepal.
  6. Further the OnePlus 10 Pro is a high-end phone with a powerful processor.A versatile camera system and a long-lasting battery. It also supports 80W fast charging which can charge the phone from 0% to 100% in just 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Specifications

  1. Camera: Great
  2. Battery life: 4500 mAh with 45W fast charging
  3. Performance: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  4. Price in Nepal: RS 129,999
  5. Further The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is a premium phone with a great camera system. A long lasting battery and a sleek design. It is also water-resistant and dust-proof.

Vivo X80 Pro

  1. Camera: Excellent
  2. Battery life: 4700 mAh with 80W fast charging
  3. Performance: Dimensity 9000
  4. Price: Rs 99,999
  5. Availability: Easily Available in Nepal.
  6. Further The Vivo X80 Pro is a flagship phone with a superb camera system, a powerful processor, and a long-lasting battery. It also supports 80W fast charging.

Realme 11 Pro Plus

  1. Camera: Good
  2. Battery life: 5000 mAh with 120W fast charging
  3. Performance: Snapdragon 695 5G
  4. Price: NPR 61999
  5. Availability:Easily Available in Nepal.
  6. The Realme 11 Pro Plus offers a balanced package with a capable camera setup, efficient battery charging, and decent performance. Its 120W fast charging ensures quick recharging times, keeping you productive.

Further,comparison of Top Mobiles for Content Creators:

Comparing key factors among top mobiles helps creators make an informed decision:


Lastly, to put it simply, choosing the ideal budget mobile phone for YouTubers and vloggers in Nepal, priced around Rs 100000. In addition the right features and specifications can enhance content quality and productivity. Moreover, by evaluating the discussed options, creators can find the perfect phone for their content creation journey. Consequently, that ensures high-quality videos, improved engagement, and audience growth.

FAQ about best mobile for YouTubers:

Key Features for Content Creators

Q: What are the vital features for YouTubers and vloggers?

A: Simultaneously, youTubers and vloggers must consider camera quality, battery life, processing power, storage. In additional features like headphone jacks and external microphone support.

Top Mobiles for Content Creation

Q: Which mobiles are recommended for content creators under 100,000 in Nepal?

A: Simultaneously, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, OnePlus 10 Pro, Realme Mi 11 Pro, and Vivo X80 Pro are recommended for content creators.

Comparison of Top Mobiles

Q: How do the cameras, battery life and performance mobile phones stack up against each other?

A: When you look at the camera quality, battery life, performance and pricing of mobiles all at once. It helps people who are making them to choose wisely according to what they specifically require.

Q: How important is selecting the right mobile for content creation within a budget?

A: Consequently, choosing the right mobile is crucial for producing high-quality content, engaging viewers, and growing an audience. This guide simplifies the process for Nepal-based creators.